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an idea pediatrician does not support. >> by putting them in foster care we might end up having them lose weight but five, ten years from now what will happen to that child? will they be emotionally scattered for being removed from the family. those issues have to be addressed. >> the harvard experts suggested foster care only in extreme cases. for example, an 8-year-old boy 50 inches tall who weighs 100 pounds. the idea is to help the child address potentially life threatening health concerns. obese kids are more than twice as likely to have type ii diabetes compared to kids of normal weight. rebecca children services helps place kids in foster homes. the director says he can only to see foster care helping an obese child in a very extreme situation. >> in those cases where it would be usually if the families are voicing the fact that they don't want any intervention, they
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don't to see it as a problem, or where they don't have the capacity to be able to provide the support. >> once a child returns to home to even if he lost weight, unless his family is willing to foster healthy habits he's likely to gain it back. >> the doctor says you can help your overweight or obese child slim down by involving the entire family in healthy habits. decreasing fast food. replacing soda with water and limiting time in front of the computer or tv screen. >> thank you. because of this growing problem of childhood obesity the restaurant industry has been under enormous pressure to lean out its menu. today big changes for southeast biggest chains in the country. 19 of them are adding healthier options to their children's menus. burger king, chilies and dennys are introducing a new program.
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burgers and fries won't be eliminated. >> if stead of pitch french tries we pitch apples, broccoli, salads. >> what about mcdonald's? mcdonald's is absent from today's announcement but says it is committed to balance menu options. people around the bay area aren't having to crank the ac this week because the cooler weather has settled in happen our chief meteorologist joins with a look at how long we can expect these mild temps to stick around. in the east bay it was cool. i was wearing a hoodie. >> as far south as gilroy and morgan hill with temperatures averaging ten to 25 degrees below average in some cases. today, for example, walnut creek only 67. you should have 87 this time the year. not only that in the morning hours we've been starting off
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with foggy drizzle it's accumulated to .11, san francisco .04. so here's the onshore flow, the fog at the lower levels. that's pretty typical of this time the year. you combine in this extra component, the jet stream taking a dip. temperatures about 20 degrees below average with that jet stream dip. it's combining together to give us this cool weather not only at the coastline but for our interior sections as well. what we'll monitor is this region of high pressure. 80 degree temperatures that will make it into my seven day forecast. if you want to get a sneak peek into your weather, head to and click on the weather tab at the top and select on a wide range of maps. some similar ones that i used right here on the air. that's with fresh stories posted as well. okay, jeff, thank you. family and friends of a fish areman who tied in that boating accidents in mexico last week
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gathered today to celebrate his life. the only confirmed casualty after a fishing charter carrying 43 people capsized in the sea of cortez in baja, california. seven men remain missing. the family remembered him as a strong witty man who loved the 49ers and fishing. he was also a former reporter for the chronicle. his son said today his father would want rescuers to continue searching for those who are still missing. >> we're happy for all those who survived but we still need to make sure that we find the bodies or, you know, the other missing fishermen. >> yesterday the coast guard told families it was calling off the search for the survivors. some families say they will continue to press authorities to keep looking. in another testament to the unpredictable movement of the ocean a bay area man died while vacationing in hawaii.
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the man died on monday ever being swept into the ocean in the puna area of the big island. he was climbing on a cliff when a wave suddenly knocked him into the ocean and then carried him 100 yards out to sea. rescue crews found him face down in the water. he is the second bay area man to die in hawaii in just two days. on saturday a 44-year-old man died when a wave washed him into a blowhole on nakalele point on maui. >> the family of michele lea is not giving up. the 26-year-old was last seen on may 27th leaving the kaiser permanente center. her family has held numerous searches and raised the reward money to $100,000.
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police have classified the case as a homicide but family members still hope she will be found alive. man arrested at sfo for refusing to pull up his pants when boarding a plane is off the hook. the university of new mexico football player will not face criminal charges after all. that's the decision announced today by the san mateo district attorney. his refusal to pull up his sagging pants when boarding a u.s. flight at sfo landed him in handcuffs. he was arrested on suspicion of battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and trespassing. but the d.a. says his office dropped the charges because they didn't want to clog up the criminal courts with a minor misdeamnor case. his mother said her family is ecstatic over the decision but owed an apology anyway. >> just like jumping and screaming, mom we did it. >> both sides could have relax ad little bit and treated it differently. that's part of the reason we don't think it belongs in court. >> the family says it is
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possibly thinking about filing a lawsuit. the airline meanwhile released a statement saying in part, quote we welcome the district attorney's decision today and hope it will help the family move past this incident. an outbreak of viral infections forced the shutdown of a summer camp run by the city of berkeley. norovirus may be the cause. the same bug may also have caused an illness at a nearby camp run by the city of san francisco. there is a real actual dogfight under way in the east bay. oakland neighbors are weighing you in on a controversial dog park. dog lovers support a new dog park. but some neighbors say it would ruin a beautiful entry point to atlantic. the park's commission are looking into two other low occasions. one near macarthur another
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tucked behind children's fairyland. but some say it's putting a dog run front and center with barking owners. one runner said flat out no. >> don't think they need one not out here. >> why? >> because basically it's going to create a mess. it's already enough with the birds. >> the park's commission is expected to weigh in on the location today or maybe even drop the idea all together. not quite the hyatt regency but there's a housing shortage at san jose state university so the school will use nearby hotels as dorms. the university is facing a housing shortage because they are now requiring freshmen who live more than 30 miles away to live on campus, at least their first year. the students assigned to the hotels will get light rail or shuttle service, free parking, weekly house keeping, a fitness
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room and university staff members on site at those hotels. spotlight on safety, alarming news about the state of security at the nation's airports and the amount of lapses since 9/11. and the man who made national news and international news after a police beating is back in the headlines. what got rodney king into od troue. the trend in vegas. entertainment dirty but not what you would expect.
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it's been a bloody day in india. indian officials say it was a coordinated attack. three bombings injuring more
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than 100 in mumbai. the bombs hit during the evening rush hour. police say the blast hit a crowded neighborhood, a jewelry market and a busy business district. india's home minister said it appeared terror take. this would make it its first major attack in mumbai since the move to 2008 siege of the city. president obama condemned the attacks by calling them outrageous. nearly 60 million people travel in and out of bay area airports every year and today the people responsible for ensuring our safety came under fire today on capitol hill. despite billions of dollars being spent on security critics in congress charge the nation's airports are still vulnerable to terror attacks. department of homeland security presented a report showing some 25,000 security breaches at the nation's airports since 9/11. reminded the committee that a terrorist needs to slip through security only once to cause serious damage. the report shows 6,000 travellers made it past
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government screeners without proper scrutiny. after an emotional funeral in california the body of former first lady betty ford is now back in michigan. the casket arrived at gerald ford international airport in grand rapids. there will be a public viewing tomorrow morning. people are leaving flowers, letters and stuffed animals on that site. thousands of people are expected to attend the public viewing including a host of political dignitaries. they are expected to pay their final respects. ford died last friday at the age of 93. rodney king is free on bail tonight after being arrested for dui. king was stopped in riverside county after police say he was seen committing traffic violations, appearing to be under the influence he was arrested. king, you may remember was the subject of a videotape beating by l.a. cops back in 1991. that ended with the acquittal of the four officers and the 1992
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riots that rocked l.a. the feds are ready to throw another lifeline to the u.s. economy. ben bernanke delivered an economic the report the congress. he said the central bank is prepared to provide additional stimulus if the economic slowdown continues. stock prices rose higher. bernanke warned u.s. lawmakers, their failure to raise the nation's debt limit by august 2nd could trigger a major financial crisis. u.s. treasury department says it is getting rid of paper starting next year you'll only be able to buy savings bond online through a web based program called treasury direct. the program has been available since 2002 but acceptance has been slow. electronic savings bonds are less likely to be misplaced and automatically redeemed when they mature. going green in your career will lead to more money in your pocket.
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a new report about green jobs shows median pay rose%. green jobs range from solar to within, ocean based production, and electric car technology. the report from brookings show the green sector has 2.7 million jobs. the jobs report grew more than 8% since 2003 compared to about 4% in other occupations. there's a dirty job in vegas that's now available. for those of you with an adventurous side. you have to pay to play. not what you think. it's a company that's made a giant sandbox for adults. >> push it forward to go forward. >> reporter: in 100 degree weather across the highway from the vegas strip, people are paying hundreds of dollars for a chance to do something dirty in sin city that won't get them in trouble. >> stay within your cone zone. no bumper cars. >> reporter: they come to dig this, a five acre sandbox created for adults who rented
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equipment for a home project a few years ago and a business idea was born. >> i realized if i'm having this much fun, imagine the people who want an opportunity. >> what does your family back in new zealand think about this? >> they think i'm nuts. >> reporter: customers are supervised, teaching even the most hand-eye challenge reporter how to dig a hole. the average customer pace $400 for a few hours and on this day they include an employee for a none profit. >> i'm not brave enough to sky dive so this is about the losest thing. >> reporter: an actor. >> love doing fun and different things and this town always got just about anything you can think of. >> reporter: a marketing executive who used to date an excavator. >> know there's a lot of up, down, right, left. we'll to see where they all go. hopefully i don't dump anything where i'm not supposed to.
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>> reporter: getting insurance was rough. he expects to be profitable later this year. for all the men who come out here to check out and i temple on their bucket list, half the women come out here. >> they want to come out and tear things up. it's a great stress releaser. >> reporter: it sure is. very nice. the big match was in germany but plenty of cheers around here. dozens of soccer fans braved the wind, the fog and the mist this morning to watch team usa in the world cup. it was the semifinal match against france and this was the scene at the civic center in san francisco. the final score, team usa beat france 3-1 they advance to the finals against japan on sunday. >> it's huge especially for women. you know, women's soccer isn't
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as exploited as men's so for women to get that far especially in the u.s. i think is a big deal. >> this was the scene not in san francisco but in san jose. kids got to take time out to watch their idols play this morning as well. now sunday's world cup final will be shown at the civic center in san francisco once again. plenty of activities and food for both adults and the kids. the big gym kicks off at 11:00 a.m. local time. >> lots of screaming in my house. eight minutes in. they scored their first goal. perfect day to watch the soccer game because it was so gloomy outside. >> a lot of cloud cover. finally now, all of us are at work here. the sun is starting to come out one san francisco right over here just off toward the east of the transamerica building. still plenty of cloud cover pushing up against the coast with winds westerly at 23 miles per hour. that strong onshore flow that's not budgeting at all is keeping
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these numbers down. 60 in san mateo. we're still looking at cool weather in san jose with current reading of 6 and 67 in livermore. reading 10 to 20 degrees below average. yes, again, the fog will come back for tonight with even some areas of drizzle. thursday more 70s, more below average conditions but we'll put things on simmer for a little bit before things really start to heat up in the seven day forecast. i think you'll like what we have coming our way. let's look at the visible satellite loop. this is a snapshot from space. you can to see the marine layer the fog that's picking up is eroding at the coastline. i do think tomorrow we'll see more sunshine and then even a little bit more as we head into friday and also saturday's forecast. we have this trough of low pressure. just really kind of compounding things. we have cooler air aloft and fog at the lower levels. for friday a little bit more warming in the forecast.
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but, you know, all in all it is helping your ac bills. take a look at tonight. not too much fog. but by 11:00 p.m. yes those of you in the east bay, peninsula and north bay will be getting into the fog. starting off with drizzle. flight delays once again at san francisco international airport. by 2:00 p.m. the fog pushes back pap lot of sunshine here through most of the bay area, even san francisco expecting to get in on some rays of sun. as we head throughout tonight, 53 in livermore. for thursday, 74 in san jose, 71 in livermore and 72 in dublin. we should be at least in the mid-80s for most of our inland spots at this time the year. 68 in san mateo and 66 in san francisco. and as we head to pittsburgh, 74 there, 74 in concord, sonoma 74.
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and chilly at the coastline and 56. more on cable. you can to see as we gradually warm up, take to about sunday that we get 80s. more monday and tuesday and wednesday next week we hold off on 90 degree weather but very close to it. starting next week looks a lot better if you want the hotter weather. i feel like you really want some heat, right? >> she likes it hot. >> i was wearing a hoodie today. >> it was chilly. >> why july is a bad month to go to hospital. we're talking about vacationing doctors. interesting study. they've been hinting at it and now it looks like it will happen. a big announcement fro hollywood's hottest couple. what's ahead for brad pitt and angelina jolie. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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if you can, just delay that sickness for a couple more weeks. according to a new research, july is not a good month to be in the hospital. during the month of july veteran doctors are being replaced by inexperienced residents. this is called the july effect. researchers say there's less efficient patient care and higher mortality rates. hospitals should keep their more experienced doctors on call during july or stagger the start time for new residents. >> they've decided apparently the world's most famous couple is going to tie the knot. brad pitt and angelina jolie plan to get married within the next few months. they've been hinting at that. but now at that report in "us weekly" magazine says the couple has confirmed they are getting married. they've been together for six years and have six kids. "us weekly" says not to expect a
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lavish wedding. the nuptials will be intimate and informal. brad pitt said the kids have been asking home to get married. >> this whole time they weren't married? >> no. >up, controversy over the new got milk ads. stay with us.
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a new got milk ad campaign is causing a stir online for saying that men may be the real victims of pms. >> check out the ads here. showing a man holding a milk carton with a caption we both can blame myself or i'm sorry i heard what you said not what you
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meant. men are encouraged to buy more milk. while the ads are supposed to be funny some say the campaign is a misfire. the board said they were not trying to a phoned women. >> we'll to see you at 6:00.
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.

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